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Institute of Applied Physics (AP)


Dr. H. Kalt
Dr. G. U. Nienhaus
Dr. Th. Schimmel
Dr. M. Wegener

Research topics:

Experimental investigations of semiconductors and optical properties of solids in general focussing on technical applications, nano-structures and nano-technology.


  • Optical spectroscopy with high spatial and temporal resolution; spin-optoelectronics; semiconductor quantum dots; ZnO nano-rods for optoelectronics; quasi-ballistic transport of excitons; energy transfer in artificial light-harvesting complexes; macromolecular antennas. [AG Kalt]


  • Structure, dynamics and functionality of heme proteins; Structure and functionality of fluorescent proteins; Single-molecule experiments on folding and functionality of proteins and RNA; Ultra-high resolution optical microscopy for investigation of cellular processes; Organic-anorganic nanostructures. [AG Nienhaus]


  • Nano-physics and fundamentals of nano-technology. Focussing on the development of new methods of nano structuring; nano-electronics and atomic electronics on the basis of the developed single-atom transistor; material research on the nano-scale in particular with scanning probe microscopy. [AG Schimmel]


  • Design and fabrication (electron-beam lithography, direct laser writing, holography) and characterization of 3D photonic crystals and meta-materials. Linear and non-linear, near-field optical and femtosecond spectroscopy. Optical near-field microscopy in biologic systems (e.g. pores on cellular membranes). [AG Wegener]


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