Roton-like acoustical dispersion relations in 3D metamaterials

  • Autor:

    Y. Chen, M. Kadic, and M. Wegener

  • Quelle:

    Nat. Comm. 12, 3278 (2021)

  • Datum: 2.06.2021
  • Abstract:

    Roton dispersion relations have been restricted to correlated quantum systems at low temperatures, such as liquid Helium-4, thin films of Helium-3, and Bose–Einstein condensates. This unusual kind of dispersion relation provides broadband acoustical backward waves, connected to energy flow vortices due to a “return flow”, in the words of Feynman, and three different coexisting acoustical modes with the same polarization at one frequency. By building mechanisms into the unit cells of artificial materials, metamaterials allow for molding the flow of waves. So far, researchers have exploited mechanisms based on various types of local resonances, Bragg resonances, spatial and temporal symmetry breaking, topology, and nonlinearities. Here, we introduce beyond-nearest-neighbor interactions as a mechanism in elastic and airborne acoustical metamaterials. For a third-nearest-neighbor interaction that is sufficiently strong compared to the nearest-neighbor interaction, this mechanism allows us to engineer roton-like acoustical dispersion relations under ambient conditions.