Thin-film polarizer based on a one-dimensional–three-dimensional–one-dimensional photonic crystal heterostructure

  • Autor:

    M. Thiel, M. Hermatschweiler, M. Wegener, and G. von Freymann

  • Quelle: Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 123515 (2007)
  • Datum: 20.9.2007
  • Abstract:

    The recent experimental demonstration of polarization stop bands in three-dimensional dielectric circular-spiral photonic crystals is extended in two ways. First, the combination with a one-dimensional set of lamellae on one side allows for “poor-man’s optical isolators” or for thin-film polarizers—depending on from which side light impinges onto the device. Second, a chiral three-dimensional photonic crystal sandwiched between two one-dimensional sets of lamellae acts as a thin-film polarizer from both sides. Corresponding polymeric heterostructures are fabricated by means of direct laser writing. Their performance is compared with theory.