Growth and annealing of InAs quantum dots on pre-structured GaAs substrates

  • Autor:

    M. Helfrich, D.Z. Hu, J. Hendrickson, M. Gehl, D. Rülke, R. Gröger, D. Litvinov, S. Linden, M. Wegener, D. Gerthsen, T. Schimmel, M. Hetterich, H. Kalt, G. Khitrova, H.M. Gibbs, D.M. Schaadt

  • Quelle:

    J. Crystal Growth 323, 187 (2011)

  • Datum: 15.5.2011
  • Abstract:

    In this study, we investigated the effect of in situ annealing on InAs quantum dots site-selectively grown on pre-structured GaAs substrates. A morphological transition is observed with original double dots merging into one single dot during annealing. This is accompanied by a reduction of quantum dots originally nucleating between defined sites. The photoluminescence intensity of annealed site-selective quantum dots is compared to annealed self-assembled dots with linewidths of single dot emission of about 170 and 81µeV, respectively. UV-ozone cleaning is used to optimize the sample cleaning prior to quantum dot growth.