Second-Harmonic Generation from Magnetic Metamaterials

  • Author: M.W. Klein, C. Enkrich, M. Wegener, and S. Linden
  • Source: Science 313, 502 (2006)
  • Date: 28.7.2006
  • Abstract:

    We observe second-harmonic generation from metamaterials composed of split-ring resonators excited at 1.5-micrometer wavelength. Much larger signals are detected when magnetic-dipole resonances are excited, as compared with purely electric-dipole resonances. The experiments are consistent with calculations based on the magnetic component of the Lorentz force exerted on metal electrons—an intrinsic second-harmonic generation mechanism that plays no role in natural materials. This unusual mechanism becomes relevant in our work as a result of the enhancement and the orientation of the local magnetic fields associated with the magnetic-dipole resonances of the split-ring resonators.