Low-loss negative-index metamaterial at telecommunication wavelengths

  • Author: G. Dolling, C. Enkrich, M. Wegener, C. M. Soukoulis, and S. Linden
  • Source: Opt. Lett. 31, 1800 (2006)
  • Date: 3.4.2006
  • Abstract:

    We fabricate and characterize a low-loss silver-based negative-index metamaterial based on the design of a recent theoretical proposal. Comparing the measured transmittance and reflectance spectra with theory reveals good agreement. We retrieve a real part of the refractive index of Re(n)=−2 around 1.5 μm wavelength. The maximum of the ratio of the real to the imaginary part of the refractive index is about three at a spectral position where Re(n)=−1. To the best of our knowledge, this is the best figure of merit reported for any negative-index photonic metamaterial to date.