Second-harmonic generation from split-ring resonators on a GaAs substrate

  • Author: F.B.P. Niesler, N. Feth, S. Linden, J. Niegemann, J. Gieseler, K. Busch, and M. Wegener
  • Source: Opt. Lett. 34, 1997 (2009)
  • Date: 25.6.2009
  • Abstract:

    We study second-harmonic generation from gold split-ring resonators on a crystalline GaAs substrate. By systematically varying the relative orientation of the split-ring resonators with respect to the incident linear polarization of light and the GaAs crystallographic axes, we unambiguously identify a nonlinear contribution that originates specifically from the interplay of the local fields of the split-ring resonators and the bulk GaAs second-order nonlinear-susceptibility tensor. The experimental results are in good agreement with theoretical modeling.