High-resolution mapping of the optical near-field components at a triangular nano-aperture

  • Author:

    D. Molenda, G. Colas des Francs, U.C. Fischer, N. Rau, and A. Naber

  • Source:

    Opt. Express 13, 10688-10696 (2005)

  • Date: 26.12.2005
  • Abstract:

    A triangular nano-aperture in an aluminum film was used as a probe in a scanning near-field optical microscope (SNOM) to image single fluorescent molecules with an optical resolution down to 30 nm. The differently oriented molecules were employed as point detectors to map the vectorial components of the electric field distribution at the illuminated triangular aperture. The good agreement of the experimental results with numerical simulations enabled us to determine both the field map at a triangular aperture and the exact orientations of the probing molecules.