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On anisotropic versions of three-dimensional pentamode metamaterials

On anisotropic versions of three-dimensional pentamode metamaterials

M. Kadic, T. Bückmann, R. Schittny, and M. Wegener


New J. Phys. 15, 023029  (2013)

Date: 18.02.2013


Pentamode materials are artificial solids with elastic properties that approximate those of isotropic liquids. The corresponding three-dimensional mechanical metamaterials or 'meta-liquids' have recently been fabricated. In contrast to normal liquids, anisotropic meta-liquids are also possible—a prerequisite for realizing many of the envisioned transformation-elastodynamics architectures. Here, we study several possibilities theoretically for introducing intentional anisotropy into three-dimensional pentamode metamaterials. In static continuum mechanics, the transition from anti-auxetic pentamode materials to auxetics is possible. Near this transition, in the dynamic case, approximately uniaxial versions of pentamode metamaterials deliver anisotropic longitudinal-wave phase velocities different by nearly a factor of 10 for realistically accessible microstructure parameters.