Invisibility cloaking in a diffusive light scattering medium

  • Author: R. Schittny, M. Kadic, T. Bückmann, and M. Wegener
  • Source: Science 345, 427-429 (2014)
  • Date: 5.06.2014
  • Abstract:

    In vacuum, air, and other surroundings supporting ballistic light propagation according to Maxwell's equations, invisibility cloaks which are macroscopic, three-dimensional, broadband, passive, and that work for all directions and polarizations of light, are not consistent with the laws of physics. We show that the situation is different for surroundings leading to multiple light scattering according to Fick’s diffusion equation. We have fabricated cylindrical and spherical invisibility cloaks made of thin shells of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) doped with melamine-resin microparticles. The shells surround a diffusively reflecting hollow core, in which arbitrary objects can be hidden. We find good cloaking performance in a water-based diffusive surrounding throughout the entire visible spectrum and for all illumination conditions and incident polarizations of light.


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