Fast electron spin resonance controlled manipulation of spin injection into quantum dots

  • Author: A. Merz, J. Siller, R. Schittny, C. Krämmer, H. Kalt, and M. Hetterich
  • Source: Appl. Phys. Lett. 104, 252401 (2014)
  • Date: 23.06.2014
  • Abstract:

    In our spin-injection light-emitting diodes, electrons are spin-polarized in a semimagnetic ZnMnSe spin aligner and then injected into InGaAs quantum dots. The resulting electron spin state can be read out by measuring the circular polarization state of the emitted light. Here, we resonantly excite the Mn 3d electron spin system with microwave pulses and perform time-resolved measurements of the spin dynamics. We find that we are able to control the spin polarization of the injected electrons on a microsecond timescale. This electron spin resonance induced spin control could be one of the ingredients required to utilize the quantum dot electrons or the Mn spins as qubits.