Ink-Jet-Printed Organic Semiconductor Distributed Feedback Laser

  • Author:

    X. Liu, S. Klinkhammer, K. Sudau, N. Mechau, C. Vannahme, J. Kaschke, T. Mappes, M. Wegener, and U. Lemmer

  • Source:

    Appl. Phys. Express 5, 072101 (2012)

  • Date: 19.06.2012
  • Abstract:

    Ink-jet-printed organic distributed feedback (DFB) lasers are realized by employing light-emitting copolymer and suitable organic solvents to meet the demands of printability and optical amplification in a nanopatterned conjugated polymer slab waveguide. We demonstrate the accurate lateral positioning of ink-jet-printed patches of the gain material on a polymer substrate with 500×500 µm2 grating areas. We also printed patches of large lateral dimension of 6 mm2 on a silica grating. The high uniformity of the film thickness leads to a laser wavelength variation of less than 3 nm over the whole area.