Wiring up pre-characterized single-photon emitters by laser lithography

  • Author:

    Q. Shi, B. Sontheimer, N. Nikolay, A.W. Schell, J. Fischer, A. Naber, O. Benson, and M. Wegener

  • Source:

    Sci. Rep. 6, 31135 (2016)

  • Date: 10.08.2016
  • Abstract:

    Future quantum optical chips will likely be hybrid in nature and include many single-photon emitters, waveguides, filters, as well as single-photon detectors. Here, we introduce a scalable optical localization-selection-lithography procedure for wiring up a large number of single-photon emitters via polymeric photonic wire bonds in three dimensions. First, we localize and characterize nitrogen vacancies in nanodiamonds inside a solid photoresist exhibiting low background fluorescence. Next, without intermediate steps and using the same optical instrument, we perform aligned three-dimensional laser lithography. As a proof of concept, we design, fabricate, and characterize three-dimensional functional waveguide elements on an optical chip. Each element consists of one single-photon emitter centered in a crossed-arc waveguide configuration, allowing for integrated optical excitation and efficient background suppression at the same time.