Light collection from a low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope using integrated mirror tips fabricated by direct laser writing

  • Author:

    K. Edelmann, L. Gerhard, M. Winkler, L. Wilmes, V. Rai, M. Schumann, C. Kern, M. Meyer, M. Wegener, and W. Wulfhekel

  • Source:

    Rev. Sci. Instr. 89, 123107 (2018)

  • Date: 7.12.2018
  • Abstract:

    We report on a cryogenic scanning tunneling microscope (STM) designed for single molecule studies, in which the light emitted from the tunneling junction is collected by an integrated optics on the tip. Using direct laser writing, the tip and the surrounding microscopic parabolic mirror are fabricated as one piece, which is small enough to collimate the collected light directly into an optical multimode fiber fixed inside the STM. This simple and compact setup combines high collection efficiency and ease of handling while not interfering with the cryostat operation, allowing uninterrupted measurements at 1.4 K for up to 5 days with low drift.