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15:30 · Raum 6-1 · Physikhochhaus (30.23)



Termin Vortragende(r) Titel des Vortrages
Fr., 17.04.2015 Dr. Fusik, Michael Hippe allg. Sicherheitsunterweisung
Fr., 08.05.2015 Prof. Oliver Kraft
Mechanical Metamaterials - High-Strength and Low Weight by Architecture and Material Design
Fr., 05.06.2015 Prof. Jacob Khurgin,
Johns Hopkins University,
Baltimore, USA
Disorder Engineering: Putting disorder to productive use in optics and electronics
Fr., 10.07.2015
Christoph Krämmer, APH KIT Optoelectronic Characterisation of Chalcogenide Thin-Film Solar Cells
Fr., 17.07.2015 Dr. Zaklina Burghard
Universität Stuttgard
Nanostructured oxide based thin films and papers tailored by nature adapted nanoscale design


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