Research groups


Group of Prof. Nienhaus  
Investigation of biological Processes on molecular level in live cells, tissues and organisms; development of new techniques of light microscopy with highest space and time resolution as well as methods of specific fluorescence labeling of biomolecules and cellular structures
Group of Prof. Schimmel  
Nano-physics and fundamentals of nano-technology. Focussing on the development of new methods of nano structuring; nano-electronics and atomic electronics on the basis of the developed single-atom transistor; material research on the nano-scale in particular with scanning probe microscopy
Group of Prof. Wegener  
Design and fabrication (electron-beam lithography, direct laser writing, holography) and characterization of 3D photonic crystals and meta-materials. Linear and non-linear, near-field optical and femtosecond spectroscopy. Optical near-field microscopy in biologic systems (e.g. pores on cellular membranes)

Central Facilities

  • fine mechanical workshop (Head: Maik Nothdurft)
  • electronics workshop (Head: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Hippe)
  • carpenter's workshop (Head: Melissa Baumgärtner)