Large-area magnetic metamaterials via compact interference lithography

  • Autor: N. Feth, C. Enkrich, M. Wegener, and S. Linden
  • Quelle: Opt. Express 15, 501 (2007)
  • Datum: 22.1.2007
  • Abstract:

    Magnetic metamaterials with magnetic-dipole resonances around 1.2-μm wavelength are fabricated using an extremely compact and robust version of two- or three-beam interference lithography for 1D and 2D structures, respectively. Our approach employs a single laser beam at 532- nm wavelength impinging onto a suitably shaped dielectric object (roof-top prism or pyramid) – bringing the complexity of fabricating magnetic metamaterials down to that of evaporating usual dielectric/metallic coatings.The measured optical spectra agree well with theory; the retrieval reveals a negative magnetic permeability. Importantly, the large-scale sample homogeneity is explicitly demonstrated by optical experiments.