On the determination of χ(2) in thin films: a comparison of one-beam second-harmonic generation measurement methodologies

  • Autor:

    A. Hermans, C. Kieninger, K. Koskinen, A. Wickberg, E. Solano, J. Dendooven, M. Kauranen, S. Clemmen, M. Wegener, C. Koos, and R. Baets

  • Quelle:

    Sci. Rep. 7, 44581 (2017) 

  • Datum: 20.03.2017
  • Abstract:

    The determination of the second-order susceptibility (χ(2)) of thin film samples can be a delicate matter since well-established χ(2) measurement methodologies such as the Maker fringe technique are best suited for nonlinear materials with large thicknesses typically ranging from tens of microns to several millimeters. Here we compare two different second-harmonic generation setups and the corresponding measurement methodologies that are especially advantageous for thin film χ(2) characterization. This exercise allows for cross-checking the χ(2) obtained for identical samples and identifying the main sources of error for the respective techniques. The development of photonic integrated circuits makes nonlinear thin films of particular interest, since they can be processed into long waveguides to create efficient nonlinear devices. The investigated samples are ABC-type nanolaminates, which were reported recently by two different research groups. However, the subsequent analysis can be useful for all researchers active in the field of thin film χ(2) characterization