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We are looking for Students and Postdocs to work on our projects

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PhD Position in Super-resolution RNA Imaging


Genetically encodable fluorescence markers for imaging of specific RNA molecules in live cells are still very limited. Within the project ‘Super‐resolution RNA Imaging with Aptamer‐ PAINT’, funded by the Baden‐Württemberg Stiftung (collaboration with the Jäschke lab, IPMB, U Heidelberg), we develop advanced light‐up RNA aptamers for live‐cell superresolution localization microscopy applications.

We are looking for an excellent, highly motivated person with a degree in (bio)physics, physical chemistry or related fields who is interested in working in an interdisciplinary team and who is strongly committed to careful biophysical experimentation (single molecule imaging) and computer‐based quantitative data acquisition and analysis.

Wirth, R.; Gao, P., Nienhaus, G. U., Sunbul, M. and A. Jäschke. SiRA: A Silicon Rhodamine‐ Binding Aptamer for Live‐Cell Super‐Resolution RNA Imaging. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 141, 7562 (2019)
Sunbul, M., Lackner, J., Martin, A., Englert, D., Hacene, B., Grün, F., Nienhaus, K., Nienhaus, G. U., & A. Jäschke. Super‐resolution RNA imaging using a rhodamine‐binding aptamer with fast exchange kinetics. Nature Biotechnol., in press.


Contact: uli.nienhaus∂kit.edu



PhD Position in Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy

We are looking for excellent applicants with a Master‘s degree in
physics/biophysics (and related disciplines) who are strongly committed to
the development and application of optical microscopes, careful
experimentation and computer‐based quantitative data acquisition and
Für weitere Informationen: uli.nienhaus∂kit.edu